Our History

Lone Peak has been in business over 30 years. Throughout that time, our primary focus has been to provide labeling solutions for grocery stores, food producers and manufacturers.

Always striving to stay on the leading edge of technology with our printing systems, our years of experience has led to development of our complete solution the “Labeler”.

The “Labeler” provides the most dependable, user friendly and cost-effective label and tag printing system available.  It produces a very high-quality label that will enhance your branding and marketing efforts while meeting all USDA/FDA requirements.  The “Labeler” makes it easy to provide consumers with the info they desire.  This includes Allergen info, Nutritional info, Cooking Instructions and other attributes (like organic, gluten free, grass fed, etc.).  Our system provides one of the best means for connecting with your customers and increasing sales!

Success Attributes

We listen to our customers’ needs. Being a small, independent company, we can be more nimble than other companies, and quickly adapt to new technology to meet our customers evolving labeling requirements. We have always had a commitment to providing full technical support, and we stand by our slogan, “We service what we sell.” This approach makes our customers’ businesses run more efficiently while helping them market and sell their products.

How We Are Different

Lone Peak Labeling develops complete labeling solutions for our customers to help label and market their in-store products.   Our customer solution focus has driven development of the “Labeler” to include many benefits not seen in our competitors’ products.  Lone Peak also commits to providing full ongoing technical support to our customers, a service not provided by competitors that simply ship boxes of software and printers.

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  • Corporate Address:
    1785 South 4490 West
    Salt Lake City, UT 84104

  • Phone:
    (800) 658-8599
    (801) 975-1818