In-store customers are looking for product information to guide their selections.

Help inspire shoppers to purchase with informative labels and signage.

Lone Peak Labeling Systems – The “Labeler”

The “Labeler” has a touchscreen interface to make it easy to find and print the labels for any of your products. Our system creates a user-friendly workstation for your employees

The “Labeler” is a PC based system. This gives it a lot of power and flexibility and makes it easy to edit as well as network.

The “Labeler” will allow you to control the use of graphics, fonts and tag lines that will customize and enhance your product image. The results are increased sales!

The “Labeler” software has been developed to meet all USDA requirements for food and product labeling and has an easy to use database for quick look up and editing of product information.  In addition to enabling variable data imprinting (e.g. Product Name, Bar Codes, Pricing, Weights, etc.), the solution provides the ability to present product-related information that customers expect (e.g. QR Codes, Date/Lot Codes, Nutri-fact Panels, Front of Package dietary values, Serving Suggestions and Cooking Instruction, ).

Lone Peak has introduced the “Labeler in Color”, providing our customers all the advantages and benefits of the “Labeler” solution with the added support for EPSON color printers.

Lone Peak has also developed a Shelf Talker solution that reduces costs and simplifies the tag-making process in bakeries, delis, produce and meat departments, as well as for food manufacturers with store fronts.

We can produce labels of any size, shape and color to fit all your various packages and allow you to maintain the continuity of your marketing program. Our facility has full label production capabilities which allow us to produce labels with quality control assurance and on-time delivery.  We have over 1,000 die sizes and shapes and many types of label and tag materials to meet any requirement.

The “Labeler” provides the most advanced, dependable, user-friendly, and cost-effective label solution available.

Lone Peak Labeling has put over 30 years of industry expertise and marketing knowledge to work for you.

Check out samples of our print work below: